Catalogue – HM001+ Harbury – Miscellaneous A4 or individual documents

HM001+   Harbury – Miscellaneous A4 or individual documents


HM 001 Stone Ho. 400 yr old oven at Stone Ho.   Courier news Millst
HM 002 Mann NUR Certif. long service A.Mann   Mann doc None
HM 003* schools Wight School Reminiscences 1940 Deakin doc Highst
HM 004* schools Wight School Reminiscences 1940 Deakin doc Highst
HM 005* schools Wight School Reminiscences 1930 Clark doc Highst
HM 006* schools Wight School memories   Lane doc Highst
HM 007* schools Wight School memories   Perry doc Highst
HM 008* schools Wight School memories   Smith doc Highst
HM 009 schools Admissions Registers 1883 CRO doc Highst
HM 010 pop Directory 1910 1910 Leam Lib doc General
HM 011 history Fosse Way & Chesterton Roman Fort     doc Chest
HM 012 pop Directory 1884 Leam Lib dir General
HM 013 pop Directory 1894, 1901, 1902 1894 Leam Lib dir General
HM 014 pop Directory 1904 Leam Lib dir General
HM 015 pop Directory 1914 1914 Leam Lib dir General
HM 016 pop Directory 1924 Leam Lib dir General
HM 017 pop Directory 1936 Leam Lib dir General
HM 018 shops Adverts from directory 1904 Leam Lib doc General
HM 019 agric Westfields Farm     map Binsend
HM 020   Humble Bee Cotts.     doc Chest
HM 021   Badger Coppice     map Chest
HM 021   Kingston pond     map Chest
HM 022 history Harbury from Hundred Rolls 1279   doc General
HM 023   Coronation festivities 1953   doc General
HM 025 churches Burial Ground Fees 1956 Par Coun doc Tempark
HM 027   Tenants at Chesterton     doc Chest
HM 028 churches Chesterton Burials 1814   doc Chest
HM 029   Corres re Chest history     doc Chest
HM 030* schools Closure of Wagstaffe School     doc Crown
HM 031 schools Harb School Records 1910   doc Highst
HM 032 pop Directories 1884, 1894, 1904 1884 Leam Lib doc General
HM 033 pop Directories 1914, 1924 1914 Leam Lib doc General
HM 034 pop Directory 1850 Leam Lib dir General
HM 035   Occupants of Southbourne Place     doc Southb
HM 036 Bustin Bustin, funeral 1932   doc General
HM 037* shops Thornicroft’s Bakery part 1   Thorneycroft doc Chapel
HM 038* shops Thornicroft’s Bakery part 2   Thorneycroft doc Chapel
HM 039   Boot & gaiter found at Harb Ho   Andrews doc Butt
HM 040 shops Shops & businesses in Harb     doc General
HM 041   Parish Mag 1907 1907   doc General
HM 042   Funeral of Ainslie Greenslade     p General
HM 043   Wild Flowers on way to Humble Bee     doc Chest
HM 044 Ladbroke Ladbroke Map1918 – occupants 1918   map Ladbr
HM 045 Ladbroke Ladbroke map 1886 1886   map Ladbr
HM 046*   Field Names – 1813 1813 Andrews doc General
HM 048   Old Stone House   Kemsley doc Millst
HM 049 pubs Payne, F.T. landlord of New Inn (Gamecock)     doc Chapel
HM 050 mills Harbury Mill     doc Millla
HM 051 churches Hist of Harb Church 1979 Mackley doc Churchst
HM 052   Yesterdays – Life In Warks 1998 Courier doc General
HM 053 Coleman Coleman family – Ladbroke     doc Ladbr
HM 054   Inventories from Lichfield R.O. 1760   doc General
HM 055 mills Chesterton Mill     doc Chest
HM 056 quarries Plesiosaur from quarries 1928 Courier doc Bishops
HM 057 quarries Plesiosaur from quarries 1928 Courier doc Bishops
HM 058 quarries Fossil discovery at Quarries 1927   doc Bishops
HM 059 quarries Fishery scheme for quarries 1983   doc Bishops
HM 060 quarries Harbury Cement Works     doc Bishops
HM 061 quarries Letters re: location of plesiosaur     doc Bishops
HM 062 quarries Fossil discovery at Quarries     doc Bishops
HM 063* quarries Fossil discovery at Quarries     doc Bishops
HM 064 quarries Fossil discovery at Quarries     doc Bishops
HM 065   Harb Village 1955 Sun Merc doc General
HM 066   Football Memories 1925 Thornicroft doc Chapel
HM 067   Interview with Bob Thornicroft Dec 1982 1982 Thornicroft   Chapel
HM 068 weather     Blair doc General
HM 069   Christmas Memories – 1920s       General
HM 070   Bob Thornicroft talk to Men’s Soc 1986     General
HM071* Knight Reminiscences of 1933 – MH Knight     doc General
HM 072 Knight RH Knight advert       General
HM 073 Verney Mill St,13 – documents   Stringer doc Millst
HM 074   Water and Lighting coming to Harbury 1900 Courier doc General
HM 075 shops Adverts from Harb News     doc General
HM 076 Wight Parish Mag.- England’s Appeal 1852   doc General
HM 077   History of Ivy Cottage, Ivy Lane     doc Ivy
HM 078   First Meeting of Parish Council 1894 1894   doc General
HM 079   History of Humble Bee Cottages 1983 Ridgley doc Chest
HM 080   Reminiscences – G Colwell 1995 Colwell doc General
HM 081 Lowe Mrs W. Lowe & Derek at baby show 1920 Lowe p General
HM 082* Overton Overton, E. -fortune teller 1959   doc General
HM 083   Pump room refurb L/Spa 1985   doc L/Spa
HM 084   Binswood End – cottage     p Binsend
HM 085*   Reminiscences – W Marshall 1994   doc General
HM 086   Murder of Rosilla Borton 1922 1922 Courier doc General
HM 087 Gascoigne Gascoigne Family     p General
HM 088 war Southam Airfield 1944   map Southam
HM 089 Hickson Desertion of Hickson, R 1832   doc General
HM 090 pop Directory 1899 Leam Lib dir General
HM 091 pop Directory 1901 Leam Lib dir General
HM 092 pop Directory 1902 Leam Lib dir General
HM 093* Parker Parker, dairyman 1985   doc General
HM 094* Bloxham Reminiscences – Reg Bloxham   Bloxham doc General
HM 095   Traders – 1930s     doc General
HM 096 Askew Askew family   Askew doc General
HM 097   Goings-On In Harbury 1884-1920 1884     General
HM 098   Conveyance of Post Office 1951 Cooper   Millst
HM 099 churches Flower Fest 1985   p General
HM 100 water Water Tower     doc Uftrd
HM 101* war Ceney, E – memories of war   Ceney doc General
HM 102* war V.E. Day – Vera Card   Card doc General
HM 103* shops Thorneycroft – milk delivery 1985 Thorneycroft doc Chapel
HM 104* schools Wight School – conveyance   CRO doc Highst
HM 105 pubs Dog Inn     p Bullring
HM 106 quarries Letter from Rugby Cement 1985   doc General
HM 107 quarries Long Itch quarry hist   Rugby Port doc Longitch
HM 108 Summers Dayle Summers’ grandad     doc General
HM 109* schools School 1900-1940 1900 Thorneycroft doc Highst
HM 110 church Tombstone survey1995 – alphabetical 1995   doc Churchst
HM 111 church Tombstone survey 1995 – by grave no. 1995   doc Churchst
HM 112   Greville’s Charity Estate 1813   map General
HM 113* schools Letter from ex-pupil   Cleaver doc General
HM 114* transport Harb Station – memories   Tanner doc Deppers
HM 115* schools School memoirs   Thorneycroft doc General
HM 116 pop Register of Voters 1862 CRO Large format doc General
HM 117* schools Memories of childhood 1914 Barrett doc General
HM 118 war Letter to released p.o w. 1918   doc General
HM 119   Southam Fire brigade       General
HM 120* Vicar Sussex Cottages   NJC doc Vicarage
HM 121 sport Harb rovers F.C.     p General
HM 122 Eden Eden family     p Chest
HM 123 pop Directory 1986 Harb News dir General
HM 124   Plans of new houses in Chapel St     doc Chapel
HM 125 transport Petition to GWR 1840 CRO doc General
HM 126   Holly Cott, Farm St.   Ridgley doc Farmst
HM 127 churches Chesterton Church – guide     doc Chest
HM 128   Advert – William Blick     doc General
HM 129 pop Pop. figures for SDC 1971 SDC doc General
HM 130   Map of Village 1905   map General
HM 131   Map of Village 1887   map General
HM 132   Photos 1906 & 1921 1906   p General
HM 133*   Fire at Ufton 1888 Courier doc Ufton
HM 134   Accident at Warwick 1888 Courier doc Warwick
HM 135 transport Railway timetable 1881 Courier doc General
HM 136   Parish Coun Report 1947 Courier doc General
HM 137 weather Winter 1947 1947 Courier doc General
HM 138 churches Cemetery Rules & Regs 1972   doc Tempark
HM 139   The Water Debate 1920? Courier doc General
HM 140   Extracts from Parish Magazine 1931+   doc General
HM 141   Grim Reaper Visits – GM Crops 2000   doc General
HM 142   Extracts from Courier 1887 &1895 1887 Courier doc General
HM 143 transport Closure of Station 1963 Courier doc Deppers
HM 144   Extension of Cemetery 1924   Large formatdoc Tempark
HM 145 schools Wagstaffe School + Jorge’s Charity     doc Crownst
HM 146   Burial ground fees 1956   doc Tempark
HM 147 Thornicroft Death of Bob Thorneycroft 1989   doc General
HM 148   Morris Team autobiography 1992   doc General
HM 149   Hillside – Legal Agreement 1998   doc Binsend
HM 150   Grade 2 Listed Buildings in Harbury     doc General
HM 151   Conservation Area Review 1996   doc General
HM 152*   Letter from Brenda Gibbons 2012 Gibbons doc General
HM 153*   Shocking Railway Fatality 1895 Courier doc General
HM 154* schools Suicide of Schoolmaster 1895 Courier doc General
HM 155   Memories 1995 Colwell   General
HM 156   Register of Voters – Harbury Parish 1862   doc General
HM 157            
HM 158            
HM 159            
HM 160            
HM 161            
HM 162            
HM 163            
HM 164            
HM 165            
HM 166 transport Bus timetables 1989   doc General
HM 167            
HM 168            
HM 169            
HM 170            
HM 171            
HM 172   Medieval Justice Records     doc General
HM 173 Clarke Clarke Family – family tree     doc General
HM 174 shops V.G. Price List 1973   doc General
HM 175 shops V.G. Price List 1985   doc General
HM 176 schools Plan of School 1986   doc Millst
HM 177 transport First plane over village 1912 Leam Lib doc General
HM 178            
HM 179            
HM 180            
HM 181            
HM 182            
HM 183*   Diptheria in Harb     doc General
HM 184* shops Interview with Stan Smith     doc General
HM 185* shops Interview with Stan Smith 1989   doc General
HM 186* shops Co-op during the War     doc Highst
HM 187 Sutcliffe Dr. Sutcliffe     doc General
HM 188 Wilkins Wilkins, John – blacksmith     doc General
HM 189 pop Directory – additional info 1924 Barrett dir General
HM 190            
HM 191 war Land Girls 1939   doc General
HM 192 mills Harb Mill – hist 1989 Harb News doc Millla
HM 193 war Ensign plane at Leam aerodrome 1944   p General
HM 194   Chapel St 1900   p Chapelst
HM 195 transport Concessionary travel tokens       General
HM 196 sport Village Club snooker winners 1930   p General
HM 197   Harbury Society Newsletter 1979 Harb Soc doc  
HM 198   Harbury Society Newsletter 1978 Harb Soc doc  
HM 199   Bare Bottoms & Stinging Nettles   Moore doc  
HM 200            
HM 201            
HM 202            
HM 203            
HM 204            
HM 205            
HM 206            
HM 207            
HM 208* pop Directory 1881   dir General
HM 209* pop Pop figures 1801-1986     doc General
HM 210 Verney Verney, Vic 1912   p General
HM 211 mills Harb Mill     p Millla
HM 212   Extracts from Courier 1887 Courier doc General
HM 213 Padbury Marriage Certif, Padbury 1871   doc Chest
HM 214            
HM 215 Mann Family Trees, Butler & Mann     doc General
HM 216 Beck Family Tree, Beck (Millers)   Barrett doc General
HM 217   Land Use 1990 NJC map General
HM 218   Extracts from Courier 1924 Leam Lib doc General
HM 219 pop Register of Burials – Wesleyan 1835   doc General
HM 220 pop Register of Baptisms- Wesleyan 1807   doc General
HM 221 war Lever’s Farming Diary 1940   doc General
HM 222            
HM 223* Stock Memories, 1917-26     doc General
HM 224 Bayliss Bayliss/Cashmore marr cert     doc General
HM 225* Lane Harb Fair- pre WW2   Lane doc General
HM 226* Warwick Memories – Warwick, D   NJC doc Millst
HM 227 Enefer Blacksmith puts shoes on a cow   Courier doc Westfields
HM 228            
HM 229            
HM 230            
HM 231   Harb Vill 1938 Telegraph doc General
HM 232 transport Road Closure 1993 WCC doc General
HM 233 pop Protestation Oath Returns 1642 CRO doc General
HM 234 Enefer Enefer, S. letter re forge   Enefer doc General
HM 235 Hunt ‘Bridles’ &’Saddlers’     doc Chapel
HM 236   Harb Vill   B’ham Post Large formatdoc General
HM 237 pop Directories     doc General
HM 238   Medieval Ladbroke   Doyle doc Ladbroke
HM 239 schools Management of Schools 1907   doc General
HM 240 ghosts Haunted Harbury 1990 Warks & Worcs doc General
HM 241 war Church Mag 1940   doc General
HM 242 transport M40 Motorway 1992 Observer doc General
HM 243   Prisoners sentenced Warwick Assi 1801 CRO doc General
HM 244 Wight William Wight as Vicar of Harb 1840 CRO   General
HM 245 School Harbury School Pool       Millst
HM 246 School NSPCC Certificate       Millst
HM 247 School Steel Pan Certificate       Millst
HM 248   Best Kept Village Certificate       General
HM 249 transport Detailed Plan of M40 @ Hill House farm 1990     General
HM 250 transport Objections to M40 1990   doc General
HM 251 transport Final Route of M40 1990   map General
HM 252 Bloxham History of Harbury Part 2     doc General
HM 253 Bloxham Harvest time in Harbury 2005   doc General
HM 254 Bloxham Railways 2002   doc General
HM 255 Bloxham General history 1998   doc General
HM 256 Thornton Childhood in Warwick     doc General
HM 257   Harbury School badge       Millst
HM 258   Trust Deed 1999 1999     Millst
HM 259   Wight School Deeds       Highst
HM 260   Gamecock, Chapel Street photos       Chapel
HM 261*   Documents held by CRO   CRO   General
HM 262* schools Memories of childhood 2010 Cadman doc General
HM 263 weather Snowfall from 1900-2000 2010 Megan Griffin doc General
HM 264 weather Severe winters, 1947 & 1963 2010 Met Office doc General
HM 265 weather Snowfall 2009-10 2010 BBC doc General
HM 266 weather Memories of winter 1987 2010 Edward Russell doc General
HM 267 weather Snow 1947, 1963,1982 2010 Lucinda Bull doc General
HM 268 weather The winter of 1946-7 2010 Daniel R doc General
HM 269   Aston House – sale 1966 1966   doc  
HM270* schools Plan of school grounds 1990 Chapman map  
HM271* carnival Carnival Certificate 2003   doc General
HM272 schools Governors’ Report To Parents 1993   booklet  
HM273   Protestors Wreck GM Trial Crop 2001     General
HM274   Certificate – Harbury Guitar Trio 2006   doc General
HM275 schools A Local Studies Curriculum 1985 Chapman doc Millst
HM276* Fletcher/Elliman Photos of Cottages on Supermarket site 1953 Elliman doc Chapelst
HM277 Fletcher/Elliman Memories of cottages on Supermarket site 1953 Elliman doc Chapelst
HM278* Sprawson Extract from Indenture relating to “The Old Butcher’s” 1835 Bosworth doc Highst
HM279 Fletcher/Elliman Plan of cottages on Supermarket site 1953/


Elliman doc Chapelst
HM280*   Number of houses in each street 2011   doc General
HM281   Warks rural Housing Assoc – 500th home at Harbury 2011   doc General
HM282 Penelope Estate agent details – 10 Penelope Close 1980/


  doc Penelope
HM283 Harbury Hall Conveyance – Harbury Hall 1905 Hill/


doc Churcht
HM284* infants A year in Phase 1 1994-6   Large format doc Millost
HM285   Estate agents details – Sunnyside South Parade 1988     South Par
HM286   Berry family at Dog Inn 1867     Tempark
HM287 Chapman Teacher’s Hobby 2008     Millst
HM288 transport Speeding Motor Car 1906   doc General
HM290 Egging Memorial Service booklet 2011   doc General
HM291   Cross The Stile 1988   doc General
HM292   Harbury Parish Plan 2012   doc General
HM293 Busby Motor-bike accident 1937 Courier doc General
HM294   Gemma Varriale Princess Diana poem 1997 Courier doc General
HM295   Harbury News competition winners 1979 Courier doc General
HM296   Harbury Chronicles – making of 1997 Courier doc General
HM297   Harbury Chronicles – making of 1997 Observer doc General
HM298   Harbury Chronicles – launch 2000 Courier doc General
HM299 Heritage Opening of Heritage Centre 2012 Courier doc Millst
HM300 Woodhouse Winner of Amnesty International Award 2012 Courier doc General
HM301 school Year 5-What I would miss 2012   doc Millst
HM302 cemetery Occupants of plots – by plot no. 1996 Barrett doc General
HM303 cemetery Occupants of plots – alphabetical 1996 Barrett doc General
HM304 school Completion of pool 1975 Wright doc Millst
HM305 pop Directory 1912 1912 Leam Lib doc General
HM306   Tithes 1745   doc General
HM307   Industry – Cement Works     doc General
HM308 jubilee Jubilee Celebrations 1887 1887 Courier doc General
HM309   Documents relating to Crown Cottage   Estrick doc Crownst
HM310 Luke June Luke – Funeral 2012   doc General
HM311 Mann Mann family history     doc General
HM312 jubilee Programme of Sports 1887   Large format doc General
HM313 Cuthbert Sub-postmaster fraud 1948 Courier doc General
HM314 Austin Evening School certificate 1908   doc General
HM315 Biddle Medal certificate 1935   doc General
HM316   Various newspaper cuttings   Courier   General
HM317 Twinning Twinning with Samois – news report 1998 Courier doc General
HM318 Morris Hereburgh Morris 1998 Courier doc General
HM319   Best Kept Villages winner 2003 Courier doc General
HM320   Carnival report 2000 Courier doc General
HM321 Gascoigne Invoice from Gascoigne, tailor. 1912 Deakin doc General
HM322 Bustin Letter from Brenda Gibbons re Bustin & Watts families 2012 Gibbons doc General
HM323   Occupants of Church Terrace from 1901     doc Churcht
HM324 Boffin Boffin family history 2012 Bavington doc General
HM325 transport Train crash at Stockton 1895 Courier doc  
HM326 transport GWR adverts 1895 Courier doc General
HM327 Marlow Mind map of recollections 2012 Ridgley doc General
HM328   Speeding Motor Car 1906 Courier doc General
HM329   Skate Park -Harbury Youth Project 2000   Large format doc General
HM330 Wilkins Birth Cert. Tom Wilkins 1858   doc General
HM331   History of Village 2008 British HistoryOn-line doc General
HM332 church Harbury Church Tower 2000 Neville Ellis doc Churchst
HM333 church Church bells appeal 1956 Andrews doc Churchst
HM334 map Plan of village 1900   doc General
HM335   Murder trial – William Miller 1827 Miller doc General
HM336   Water scheme 1920 Courier Large format doc General
HM337*   GM Crops: Grim Reaper Visits 2000 Courier doc  
HM338 Wilkins Wilkins family   Wilkins doc  
HM339   Register of Electors 1953 Wilkins doc  
HM340 Henn Shocking suicide   Mann doc  
HM341   Cov Tech Harvest Camp 1947 Swadling    
HM342   Hovercraft & Eggs 1980s Courier doc  
HM343   Phoenix House   Stubbs doc  
HM344   My Weekly – Coronation edition 1953 My Weekly doc General
HM345 Marshall Dispersal Sale 1969   doc General
HM346 Quarry How Albert’s pick unearthed dinosaur   Eve Tel doc  
HM348   Firmly On The map 1993 Bham Post doc General
HM349 Marshall Marshall’s of Harbury Calendar 1960 Exton doc Bullring
HM350 church “Background” play 1952 Exton doc Churchst
HM351   Southam High School   – Meals & Uniform costs 1964 Exton doc  
HM352* shops Harbury Post Office – history 2013 Taylor doc Churchst
HM353 club Plan of location of village club 1919   map Crownst
HM354*   Incendiary Fires – Harbury 1880 Courier doc  
HM355   Garden walkabout leaflet 2007   doc  
HM356 pubs Beer Festival 2008 – Mag 2008 CAMRA booklet  
HM357   Cemetery proposals 1873   doc Tempark
HM358   Cemetery mortgage 1874   doc Tempark
HM359 club Village Club conveyance 1919   doc Hallla
HM360 club Statement of Accounts 1937   doc Hallla
HM361 club Statement of Accounts 1939   doc Hallla
HM362 club Statement of Accounts 1940   doc Hallla
HM363 Algar John Algar – obituary 2013 Moore doc  
HM364   Coronation documents 1937 Ceney doc  
HM365 Maule Lionel Maule reference from Mr Dickens 1930 Baldwin doc  
HM366 transport HS2 pros & cons 2012   doc  
HM367 war Camp kits from WW1        
HM368   Streets I Alphabetical Order        
HM369   Cross The Stile book launch 1989 Courier doc  
HM370 school School journey Rules 1964   doc  
HM371* pubs Shakespeare Menu 1972 1972 Dave Hodges doc  
HM372 directory PCC Directory of Harbury 1967 Dave Hodges doc  
HM373 Club Club – Appeal for funds 1972 Dave Hodges doc  
HM374   Extracts from Courier 1917 Dave Hodges doc  
HM375   Extracts from Courier 1918 Dave Hodges doc  
HM376 school New Year Wishes – Y6 2014   doc  
HM377 Morris Hereburgh Morris pamphlets   Peter MacDonald doc  
HM378   Pioneering Eco-Home Is Here 2014 Courier doc  
HM379 schools Wartime Log-book     doc  
HM380 Blick Blick family memories 1920s      
HM381   Village Ventures Cert. HLN 1995   doc  
HM382   Cross The Stile – Gateway cert. 1992   doc